Be careful of Fraud

  • 1st Mar 2020 - Any type of residence permit can be extended automatically for 60days - but only once!

    so please remind yourself to visit the Exit-entry bureau to get an extra residence permit extension!


    10th Feb 2020 - We, The Moment Office can renew your work permit card remotely, even you are outside of China!


    Fraud Alert - 1st July 2018 - IMPORTANT! Recently, we got several reports of fraud, cheater using our company profile online (particularly in WeChat) and defrauded money from the foreigner in China. Cheater guarantee victim that he/she can provide long-term student-residence permit (without attending class, just paying money to buy it, but cheater request to pay in advance). After the victim wire the money, the cheater will cut all connections and disappear. MOMENT ADViSORY now reminds all foreigners/customers:

    MOMENT ADViSORY only has one unique official WeChat ID:momentvisa. Our consultant only works with email and telephone.

    Momentvisa only provides a legal residence permit application service in Shanghai locally, all of our services (including timing, quotation, and checklist) is published online transparently.


    9th Jun 2018 - If you have "Class A" work permit, then when you renew your work permit and residence permit with MOMENT ADViSORY, we can help you extend both for two years. More details, please check our Z1 service Extend 1-2 years Work permit and Residence Permit with the same employer.


    19th May 2018 - Important! To legally work in China, expat needs to have a valid "foreign work permit" and a valid "Working residence permit". Some of the expats have one year "foreign work permit" and two years "working residence permit" (because they have been continuously working in China for five years), please DO NOT forget to renew your work permit every year. If you work under an expired work permit but a valid working residence permit, it still counts as illegal employment, and it will cause 15,000RMB penalty at least.


    16th Dec 2017 - Extremely Important!!! Start from 28th Feb 2018, if your work permit expiring date is less than 30 days, you can not renew it with the same employer (the system will automatically block it). You have to apply for the brand new work permit through whole new procedure all over again !!!!!!!. So MOMENT ADViSORY suggests all of our clients submit your work permit and residence permit extension 90 Days before it expiring, please set up a new reminder, Don't Be Late.


    1st July 2017, To renew your work permit and residence permit with the same company in the new system takes about 22 working days (much longer than before), so I suggest all of MOMENT ADViSORY's clients submit your work permit extension 90 days before your residence permit expires, please set up a new reminder, don’t be delay.


    21st Jun 2017, the “Foreign Work Permit” system upgraded to version 2.0. The old 1.0 system will be shut down on 1st July 2017. Because of the government technical problem, most companies 1.0 system data do not import well into 2.0 system, so most companies need to register and verify again in the 2.0 system. It takes about three working days. To avoid any delay, please contact your consultant of MOMENT ADViSORY for the introduction of new 2.0 system registration (Your company should register 2.0 system ASAP!)


    24th Mar 2017, Based on the new “Foreigner's Work Permit” (FWP) policy, now it takes about 15 working days to renew the work permit, plus seven working days for the residence permit renewal. It's a total of 22 working days (before it's only 12 working days). If your employer didn't register in the new system, it would take an extra five working days for online account registration. So MOMENT ADViSORY suggests all my clients start your work permit renewal application with us at least 60-90 days before your residence permit expires.


    17th Mar 2017, Important Notice 1: From 23rd March 2017, the new “Foreign Work Permit” policy will start in Shanghai. Every company needs to register a new account in the new system. It takes at least five working days. To avoid any delay, please contact your consultant of MOMENT ADViSORY for the introduction of new system registration (Your company can start to register now!)

    Important Notice 2: From 23rd March 2017, the new “Foreign Work Permit” system will start in Shanghai (much complicate paperwork than before). All old system will be shut down. If you have already given your paperwork to MOMENT ADViSORY, please co-operate with your consultant to make sure it will be submitted into government before 23rd March. If you make your work permit application later after 23rd March, then please re-check with us again for the new requirements.


    26th Feb 2017, To attract more foreign talented work in Shanghai, now the Shanghai government release the work permit policy further for fresh graduated international students, even if they don't have 2 years working experience (the minimum requirement for China working permit before), but they reach following conditions, they can still apply for the working permit and residence permit here in Shanghai directly (more details, please check it with our visa consultant):

    -Have a Bachelor or higher degree diploma (issued by any university in Shanghai and graduated within one year)
    -Employed by a company registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) or Zhang Jiang high technology park.
    -Health and No criminal record

    16th Oct 2016 (update again on 18th May 2017), Shanghai as an experimental unit, will start the new “Work Permit” policy from November 2016, then from 1st April 2017, the whole China will take effect. According to the new policy, the old “Alien Employment Permit” and old “Foreign Expert Certificate” will combine to one named “Foreigner’s Work Permit” (FWP). The foreign expert bureau will be taking charge of it.